A Quality Product for Chimney , Hob , Cook Top, Micro Oven, Kitchen Platform , Grill , & Kitchen Tiles.Available at all Chimney Showrooms

Welcome to Kirtana Enterprises

We are into the market from 4 years.
We at Kirtana Enterprises are pleased to annouce and bring a very innovative product into market, Excellent Chimney cleaning liquid is very efficient and high quality product.New advances in every sector and quality of life as well as Kithcen gadgets and tools have introduced Chimneys into our kitchens.Cleanliness in Kitchen is of paramount importance for every household.
Chimneys have made it possible to easily went away the smoke from the Kithcen.However, the outgoing smoke murkeys the chimneys most. Cleaning this murkey, sticky and greecy chimey is very difficult.
We now proudly present to you the first of it's kind cleaning solution to your Kitchen cleaning needs, "Excellent Chimney Cleaner".This innovation has been researched for some time to make sure that there is no adverse effect on the Kitchen equipment and is also safe to the family.

How to use?

1. Apply Excellent Chimney cleaner to surface to be cleaned.
2. Wipe the suface with a wet cloth or surface cleaning sponge. Dry stains may be kept applied with the cleaing liquid for some time before wiping.
3. Rinse thorougly with water to remove any traces of the cleaning liquid.

For Filter:
1. Apply Excellent Chimney Cleaner to the filter keep it applied for 10 mins.
2. Saok the filer in hot water.
3. If, required clean the filter with a brush that is dipped in cleaning liquid.

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